Month: August 2017

Too Fit 2 Quit

Rest Day

CrossFit – Dan Bailey Is Ready

Teams Of 2

3 Sets 


21 KBS 24Kg

12 Pull Up

(15 Mins Cap)

10 Mins AMRAP

7 DeadLift 225#

35 DU

Weapons-Grade: Grace with Dan Bailey

Snatch x 2 x 5

Front Squat x 3 x 3


Ally Hall and the Community of Pregnant Athletes


Back Squat x 3 x 3

Clean + 2 Jerk x 1 x 3



Operation Guardian Angel is a charity Event organised by CrossFit Singapore to help raise funds and awareness for Down Syndrome Association of Singapore. 

Every drop makes the Ocean. Let's put our hands together and use our fitness for a great cause.

Calling all Fitness Enthusiasts, we need you.

2 September 2017

0900hr - 1200hr

Bugis +

"All the strength in the world means nothing if we can't lend a helping hand. All the money amounts to nothing if we can't use it to help another." - Coach K 


Not The Fittest On Earth

Teams of 3

15 Rds

3 Deficit / Strict HSPU


9 KB Thruster (2 x 24Kg)


15 Rds

21 DU + 100m Sprint


Massive Congratulations to all Athletes who have just completed the August Fundamental Classes conducted by CrossFit Singapore.

A very warm welcome to the CrossFit Singapore Family.


DeadLift x 3 x 3


12 Minutes Ladder

1 KBS 32Kg

1 Burpee


2 Burpee...